Give Your Child the Financial Support They Need

Find child support law assistance in Buffalo Grove, IL

Under the Illinois Income Shares Law of 2017, both parents are now required to financially support their children. If you’re not sure how much you should contribute, contact The Law Office Of Oren Graupe for advice. Our lead child support attorney in Buffalo Grove, Illinois will review your child custody agreement to determine how much you owe.

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Don’t wait to get the legal support you need

Don’t wait to get the legal support you need

Legal issues can have a major impact on your financial future. Turn to us for child support law help if:

  • Your child is more than 18 years old and mentally or physically disabled 
  • Your child lives with you primarily but you’re providing the most financial support
  • You’ve taken a pay cut at your job
  • The other parent came into a large sum of money recently
  • The other parent refuses to pay child support or is paying less than the specified amount 

We’ll provide the legal counsel you need to make smart decisions about your children. Get in touch with us today to explore your options with a compassionate child support attorney.