Family Law

No matter what conflict you’re facing within your family, whether or not it goes to court, there will be a lot of things to worry and distract you. The separation of a family is not an easy process for anyone whether it be the husband, the wife or even the children. Many of life's biggest decisions revolve around the relationships we have with family, and when those relationships become fractured, many don't know where to turn for help.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

Because family law can be so complex, it’s important to have a trusted attorney on your side, that can provide sound legal counsel and representation in your best interests. That way, nothing is missed on your end and you don’t get taken advantage of by your spouse or another personal relationship.

And, yes– the need for an attorney still applies even if both parties agree on the matter at hand. One person’s interests rarely serve the other and if you aren’t careful, you could end up serving someone else’s interests rather than doing what is best for you.

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Whether you're facing paternity proceedings, a divorce, child support or custody issues, or family visitation issues, Oren Graupe Attorney at Law has the knowledge and experience you need to work through any of the challenges that lie ahead.

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For those who choose to work with my firm, I do everything I can to bring clarity to the legal process. When I meet a new client, the first thing I do is really listen to the details of their story. I listen first so that I know exactly where they’re coming from, what their needs and expectations are, and what I can do to help them reach a just resolution. I update and guide my clients along every step of the way.

No matter what situation you and your family members are in, you can come to me whenever you need legal assistance. Some of my most common family law services include:

  • Maternity and paternity rights- I can explain your rights and help you create an ideal child custody arrangement
  • Child support- I will learn about your financial situation to help you determine a fair child support amount
  • Visitation rights- if you want to spend time with your child, I can help you create a cooperative visitation schedule

Don’t try to navigate the legal system on your own. Family law is complicated and you deserve the best chance at a favorable result. Reach out to me today if you have a family situation you want to discuss with a caring and compassionate attorney.

Family Law Attorney in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

At Oren Graupe Attorney at Law, I help families resolve a number of issues related to divorce. Having worked specifically in Illinois family law for over a decade, Oren genuinely cares about protecting families and understands that every family's needs are different. See if his personalized legal strategies could work for you and your family- call today for a consultation.