Post-Judgement Modification

Requesting Post-Judgment Modification

You created a child custody agreement when you divorced. However, your financial and living situation has changed since then. The Law Office of Oren Graupe offers child custody modification services in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. I will review your existing agreement and advise you on how to change it in your child's favor. Reach out to us today to schedule a post-judgment modification consultation in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

When Should You Modify Your Child Custody Agreement?

You should alter your child custody agreement if the existing one no longer works for you or your child. Arrange for post-judgment modification if:

  • You're moving to a new state due to work
  • Your child is participating in after-school activities
  • The other parent remarried and is requesting less responsibility
  • Communication with the other parent has broken down to a state that means you can no longer effectively co-parent

Trust me to help you create a suitable parenting plan. Call now to make an appointment for child custody modification.